My childhood in Trás-os-Montes (northeastern Portugal) was guided by the weathered hands of my parents who worked in the fields. My father was a shepherd and taught me Amália’s fados and popular songs of the time. When I went to study in Porto at the age of 10, I also carried with me a love for songs and became a soloist in the choir of the Círculo Portuense de Ópera. After participating in several operas, I studied with Professor Palmira Troufa, who, in every singing class at the Conservatório de Música do Porto, told me that lyrical music wasn’t meant to be sung with closed eyes, that those were things for fado.

The first time I had the courage to sing in public the only three fados I knew back then, when I finished singing, they asked me to sing them again. Perhaps this was the moment that brought me to where I am now.

In Lisbon, the Clube de Fado was the mainstay of my journey, where I still sing regularly. I recorded two albums under the name Carolina because they wanted to change my name, but my true name once again embraces my path in the release of the album with Raül Refree, where the textures and sounds of electronic music are the central focus of this project, dressing the great classic fados of Amália.

Now, Luís de Camões is my new challenge, an idea that emerged some time ago and initially seemed inconceivable. However, with my stubbornness and with the crucial support and assistance of Amélia Muge, the album “Fado Camões” has just been born. Produced by Justin Adams, it’s an album that combines Camões’ lyrics with traditional fado music.

All of this has been possible with the support of the people who have accompanied me on this journey, especially my manager Carmo Cruz, who has always truly believed in my work.

Other projects will come… new difficulties… new achievements…

More about me…